who we are?

We are a team of few madcaps dealing with marketing, advertising, graphic design and films.

Our only goal is for you to be pleased with our services and satisfied with the effects of the conducted campaign.

Planning marketing activities can be likened to building a house. Firstly, we wonder where we would like to live, we choose a location, look for an interesting and exciting project, arrange a loan, choose an architect a team and we then begin to build. Building requires the cooperation of many committed people. For the final result we have to wait a few years. The reward for our hard work and perseverance is a house of our dreams.


That is why we willingly to take part in the planning of long-term marketing strategies. We begin with the preparation of a marketing audit in which we define the action plan i.e. we state what we want to do for you. The next thing is to develop a strategy i.e. we state how we will do it and finally we describe what is probably most important of all - the sales assumptions. We are aware of the great responsibility that rests with the entrepreneur, and for this reason we only offer proven solutions which we can confidently guarantee.


what we can do for you?

We deal with image creation and promotion of brand name with the help of modern integrated marketing communication on ATL and BTL levels.

Entering a video on the website attracts the user's attention and holds him there for a much longer time. Video marketing is the best way to present a product, showing how the item works, what are its applications or functions and how it was made.
  • social media marketing

    This is activity relating to the promotion of brand name in social media. Where precisely? In those places where your customers already exist ... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

  • internet services and websites

    This is where we start searching for an interesting product or service. We provide comprehensive solutions for companies and institutions.

  • search engine marketing

    These are advertising campaigns which are aimed at obtaining the best possible position in such search engines as Google or Onet.

  • brand monitoring

    This is monitoring social media, portals, newspapers, radio and television. We will check what customers are writing about your brand name on forums, blogs ... in short on the web.


outsource marketing

Henry Ford once said: „if there is something which we cannot do cheaper than our competitors, then there is no point in doing it and we need to hire to do the work, someone who does it better than us”

As part of each subscription, we offer:
✔ free marketing audit
✔ preparation of advertising strategy
✔ preparation of offer of YOUR products

If you already have a person in the marketing department, allow him to use the tools which we have on offer.
  • brown package – primarily this is:

    Website, logotype, business cards and letterheads.

  • silver package – this is:

    Website, logotype, business cards, flyers, letterheads, acting on behalf of the company on Facebook.

  • gold package – this is:

    Website, logotype, positioning, company catalogue, photos, advertising film, acting on behalf of the company on Facebook.

  • other services:

    internet marketing, video marketing, photo session, graphic service and sales consultation.


advertising spots and promotional films

Do you know that 35% of internet users are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a film in the network?

Promo movie. In December 2012, we completed the editing of a promo movie made for "Katowice Special Economic Zone".
We are very happy of our cooperation... TV Spots that we produced has entirely fullfield our expectations.Ewa Piechota, Press Representative Office For Foreigners

In 2012/2014, we completed several promo and commercial films for many companies and state owned institutions. Our film portfolio can be found on vimeo.

  ... to see our films click here


influences your world

„if our photo evokes an impression, then indeed it is good, though it may be surprising in its originality” - Andreas Feininger

Advertising photography - from idea to its realization. We will prepare a concept for you, we will propose a model, and we will perform the session in a chosen location. We work with stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists. See our models on 2befashion.co.uk

Beauty sessions

cosmetics, jewelry
A real metamorphosis, which consists of professional make-up, styling and an experienced photographer. This is captivating beauty of a rough diamond.

Fashion sessions

fashion, architecture
Pictures of Fashion, this is a blend of exceptional arrangements, costumes and ideas. An important element of the session is playing with light and colour.

Product sessions

website, catalogue
Here in the foreground is an item with its visual attributes, the photos can be taken against a white background or in a specifically designed arrangement.

Packshot sessions

website, catalogue
Perfect for taking photos of smaller size items such as jewelry, shoes, cosmetics. Possibility to perform a 360 degree product presentation.

Catalog sessions

lookbook, flyer, e-shop
Visual presentation of the item to the brand customer. The session may take place in a modern studio, in an apartment or in the open air, under the watchful eye of stylists.


documentation of events
Skillful capture of the moment. Commentary of the event, which brings with it the participants emotions. In this instance speed is important as well as the presentation of the course of events.


our ideas in your company

Mark Twain once wrote:„many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our recent work in the field of image creation, graphics and animation.
  • ALL
  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Catalogue
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Printing


where passion meets destiny

Stephne Covey wrote:„doing the right things is more important than doing things right”

We try to ensure that the things we do are properly planned and executed with the utmost dedication and thoroughness. Call us and order a marketing audit for your company.

Mieszko Kastelnik

@ write to Mieszko For a number of years tied to advertising. He is interested in internet marketing and new technologies. Privately an enthusiast of the art and the motorcycles.

Witold Skrzypek

@ write to Witek For many years he is a mentor to students exploring the mysteries of graphic design. An enthusiast of Silesian-ness. In his spare time he creates furniture.

Dorota Kastelnik

@ write to Dorota A woman for special assignments. A real volcano of energy. Planning advertising campaigns brings her great pleasure.

Krzysztof Kurdyła

@ write to Krzysztof Loves good films, classic cars. The artistic achievements include works appreciated at many exhibitions and competitions. He is an expert in both promo movies and ads.

Paweł Hage

@ write to Pavel His interest in lighting and electronics dates back to childhood. Master of photography. From any place and photo he is able to obtain incredible depth.

Milena Paciorak

@ write to Milena She manages perfectly! She shares love for social media, marketing and advertisement with film, fashion, blogging and going to rock concerts.

Michał Dolny

@ write to Michal Special effects expert. On a daily basis rarely parts with his camera. He loves short films, off cinema and independent music.

Sandra Jasińska

@ write to Sandra Work in an international environment is a challenge for her which she fulfills for years. She is passionate about internet marketing and fashion.

Sylwester Sromek

@ write to Sylwestra He deals with creating a web sites and promotion campaigns online. Privately he is a lover of old school games and new technologies.


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